Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mypetbuzz.com is all about pets

At the Saturday Morning Market where the female was signing copies of Lance & Ringo Tails, she learned about a brand new site called mypetbuzz.com. Essentially, it's a social networking site for pet lovers!

The female was overjoyed to discover that she could create a profile for Lance & Ringo Tails to add to the website. Click HERE to view the page.

From their website:
Find, Meet, Share and Market - The Total Pet Directory
Your Complete Animal Network Where Pet Owners Have Fun Sharing Photos, Videos and More!
Find Local Vets, Breeders and Pet Businesses. It's Fast, Easy, Fun and 100% FREE!

Lance and Ringo are also excited about the new profile page. In the video, Lance would like to demonstrate for pets everywhere how to be good to brothers from other mothers.

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