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Lance & Ringo Tails
NEW! Request a personalized and signed ebook for $3.99 from Autography

Paperback: $9.99 on Amazon and CreateSpace

Signed copies of the paperback are available at Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique and Miami Ave Book Nook.

A Christmas Tail (Tail Ten) is exclusively featured in this collection.

Tails One through Nine are available for $0.99 each exclusively in the Kindle Store. Click on the cover and you will be directed to Amazon.


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  1. Breeze - Just had the story sent to my iPhone. Excited to read it! :) Risa

  2. Hey.. I bought Tail Four.. had it sent to my iphone. It was great to have while I have been waiting for appointments. Thanks Bria. Great storyline.. love the perspective it's told from.. :) Keep on writing..

    1. Thanks, Coleen! So glad you like it. And this post gives you an extra two entries in the current blog contest. Now you're up to nine!