Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Contest ends Friday!

Contest Deadline: March 1st

There is still a chance to enter the very first Lance & Ringo Tails blog contest. Between now and March 1st, post a comment anywhere on this blog and you will be entered. There will be two winners selected. Each winner gets a pair of handmade bookmarks.

See the Contest page for more details about the prizes and the rules.

The contest closes at 11:59pm on Friday, March 1st. Any comments posted on Saturday, March 2nd will not be eligible for the contest.

Good luck!

For winner #1

For winner #2

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tail One on Goodreads

Lance & Ringo Tails is on Goodreads

O Brother, What Art Thou? (Lance & Ringo Tails, #1)

If you are a member, you can now add O Brother, What Art Thou? to your bookshelf.

Sign-up for Goodreads (it's free) to become a member. The site is a wonderful place for book lovers to interact with other book lovers, share reviews, and add books to your shelf that you want to read.

The Goodreads process for any book:
  • Sign-up or login
  • Purchase and start reading a book (Tail One is exclusively in the Kindle Store)
  • Add the book to your bookshelf in Goodreads
  • Mark your progress in Goodreads (want to read, currently reading, read)
  • When you finish the book, give a star review and/or written review
  • Join groups and talk about your favorite books

And don't forget, the first blog contest is still going! Free to enter, simply post a comment on this blog anywhere. See the Contest page for more info.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The First Contest!

From time to time, the Lance & Ringo Tails blog will host contests to help promote the latest tail.

As of Feb 15th, Tail One has been released and is available now in the Kindle Store.

To celebrate the occasion, the first contest will begin today! I'm giving away prizes to two winners.

The deadline: March 1, 2013

The prizes:

Bookmarks inspired by O Brother, What Art Thou?, Tail One of Lance & Ringo Tails. Each winner gets one set. I made them myself!

For winner #1

For winner #2

To enter this inaugural Lance & Ringo Tails contest, please follow the rules as outlined below.


Post a comment anywhere on the blog, and your name as it appears on your post will be entered into the drawing for a set of bookmarks. Two winners will be selected.

It's that simple! Multiple posts are permitted, meaning I will add your name into the drawing for every comment. You can comment on the blog posts themselves. You can comment on any of the pages: Welcome!, Contest and Buy e-Books.

You are permitted to post anonymously. Just be sure to put at least your first name in the comment itself. That way, if you are the winner, I will announce your name in another post and provide you with my email address so you can contact me to claim your prize.

How to comment: scroll to the bottom of a blog post or page, and you will see a white box with the heading, "Post A Comment." Or you will see a phrase such as "No Comments" or "1 comment" with a link to click. That opens the white box. Once you type your comment and your name, you will see a drop down box to select an account such as Google, or you can select "Anonymous" at the bottom. If you do not want to create an account from the list available, or don't already have one, select "Anonymous," but don't forget to type your name in the post! Then click "Publish" and your comment should appear momentarily.

See the Contest page for more info about the prizes.

Note: Please keep all comments G-rated, or I may choose to delete them and you will not be entered in the contest. Any comments from spammers will be deleted.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Now on Amazon: O Brother, What Art Thou?

Released today:
O Brother, What Art Thou?

The first short story in the ebook series is now available for only $0.99 in the Kindle Store. Click the cover or click HERE to purchase.

Tail One reveals how Lance and Ringo became brothers. Animal lovers of all ages, enjoy the story!

For those who do not have a Kindle device, visit the Buy Books page for info on how to download a free Kindle app to your computer or preferred reading device.

Coming soon:
Stay tuned for the first Lance & Ringo Tails contest announcement.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book cover preview: O Brother, What Art Thou?

Tail One of Lance & Ringo Tails hits the electronic shelf in less than one week.

This Friday, O Brother, What Art Thou? will be available for only $0.99 in the Kindle Store. Here is the first preview of the book cover.

On Feb 15th, click the Buy Books page to find links to purchase Tail One and info on how to download a free Kindle app.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Release Date Announced

Tail One
O Brother, What Art Thou?
Release Date: Friday, February 15, 2013

After months of planning and preparation, Tail One is almost ready to hit the electronic shelf! O Brother, What Art Thou? will be available for only $0.99 exclusively on Amazon via the Kindle Store.

That's great news for Amazon Prime members. Why? Because Prime members can read the tail for FREE when they borrow from the Kindle Lending Library.

Visit the Buy Books page on Feb 15th to find purchase links and info on how to download a free Kindle app.

Lance and Ringo have been eagerly awaiting the release of their first ebook. The short story, as told by their human, reveals how they became brothers.

They wanted to show some of the things they've been doing to keep busy in the meantime.

Lance likes to join his humans on a run

Car trips are the best when sleep masks are provided

Ringo entertains himself by playing with his tail

Daily wrestling matches keep the brotherly bond strong between these two. Ringo says he won this round like he wins every round. The viewer can decide.