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About the Book

The collection is based on my real pets and their real life wild adventures. The humorous short stories follow Lance, an English springer spaniel, and Ringo, a long-haired domestic cat, as they learn to live together as brothers with their humans. Recommended for ages 10+, but animal lovers of all ages will enjoy the "tails."

About the Animals

Lance Mischief is a black and white English springer spaniel. This lovey dovey dog desires human company at all times. Doesn't matter who, as long as they have two legs. Plus he loves his little brother. He knows how to be gentle and still play rough enough for Ringo's tastes. His favorite spot is the left side of the leather sofa where he can keep an eye on the door. That way he's ready for his favorite human, the male one, to come home. His favorite game is chase in the yard. When he wants to play with Ringo, he latches onto his hind leg to keep little brother from getting away. Or if he's feeling generous, he plops on top of Ringo and cleans out his kitty ears.

Ringo Wilde is a long-haired gray and white cat. His favorite pastime, besides sleeping, is terrorism. At least according to the male human in the house. Ringo likes to pee on that human's side of the bed, especially when he's sleeping there. However, Ringo was banished from any rooms with beds, so he sticks to his litter now. He loves his female human who is writing about him. He'll even snuggle with her on the couch if she covers herself in a soft blanket that he can knead. Most days, he experiences a few spurts of wildness that involve parkouring off walls, knocking items off counters, and pulling Matrix moves on big brother. He likes to wrestle with Lance, and believes that he has won every match so far.

I get the privilege of watching Lance and Ringo in action. I do my very best to translate their hilarity onto the page. I hope you enjoy the stories.

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