Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lance & Ringo Tails listed on eWords4kids

Lance & Ringo Tails has been listed on a Children's Book Directory called eWords4kids.

Explore their library of children's books here which includes all the individual Lance & Ringo Tails that are available in the Kindle Store for $0.99 each. The collection (all ten "tails") is also available for $3.99 in the Kindle Store and the paperback is $9.99 on Amazon.

From their "About" page: "This site is not only for authors to list their kids books, but a place for children, parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians etc. to find great books." Be sure to check them out.

Lance and Ringo are so excited that their collection now has an e-book listing.

They spend quality time together chatting about their e-book listing

Also the free blog contest ends Wednesday! To enter, simply post a comment anywhere on this blog. Plus there are other ways to enter, such as "Join the Site." See the Contests page for more info and to see pictures of the prizes.

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