Sunday, March 17, 2013

A new contest starts today!

From time to time, the Lance & Ringo Tails blog will host contests to help promote the latest tail.

Tail Two, The Overthrow Plot, has been released and is available now for $0.99 in the Kindle Store.

To celebrate the occasion, a new contest begins today. It's free to enter. I'm giving away prizes to two winners.

The deadline: April 1, 2013
Contest closes 11:59 PM

The prizes:

For Winner #1 ~ A spiral-bound notebook with Tail One on the cover

Lined paper for you to write your own tales

For Winner #2 ~ A set of bookmarks inspired by Lance & Ringo Tails. I made them myself.

I L 'n R Tails = I love Lance & Ringo Tails

Silver heart has a dog and cat paw print

To enter this Lance & Ringo Tails blog contest, please follow the rules as outlined below.


There are multiple ways to be entered into this free contest.

The Simplest Way to enter: Post a blog comment (each comment equals one entry, multiple permitted)
Post a comment anywhere on the blog, and your name as it appears on your post will be entered one time in the drawing. Multiple posts are allowed, and your name will be added again for every comment. You can comment on the blog posts themselves. You can comment on any of the pages: Welcome!, Contest and Buy e-Books.

More Chances to Win: "Join this site" (join publicly equals two entries)
"Join the site" and follow publicly to have your name entered two times into the drawing.

Major Chances to Win: Email me that you bought Tail Two (and prove it equals five entries plus an extra two if you post a comment stating you bought it)
Send me an email at with a copy of the Amazon confirmation email and your name will be entered five times in the drawing. You can feel free to delete any information you do not wish me to have before forwarding the email. Post a comment is already considered an entry. So if you post a comment stating that you bought The Overthrow Plot, along with the email proof, your name will be entered two more times. That is a total of SEVEN ENTRIES if you email me proof of purchase and also do the comment post. Comments without proof will still equal one entry.

How to comment: scroll to the bottom of a blog post or page, and you will see a white box with the heading, "Post A Comment." Or you will see a phrase such as "No Comments" or "1 comment" with a link to click. That opens the white box. Once you type your comment and your name, you will see a drop down box to select an account such as Google, or you can select "Anonymous" at the bottom. If you do not want to create an account from the list available, or don't already have one, select "Anonymous," but don't forget to type your name in the post! Then click "Publish" and your comment should appear momentarily.

How to "Join this site":
It's not difficult if you already have a Google account. Also, you can use your Yahoo, Twitter, Open ID, AIM, or Netlog account. Scroll to the very bottom of the Lance & Ringo Tails blog. Click the blue "Join this site" button. A pop-up box will ask which account you want to use. Creating a Google account is easy and free. Once you select your account, login at the prompt. Then you will see two options: select FOLLOW PUBLICLY in order to be entered. Otherwise, I won't see you and you won't be entered in the contest.

See the Contest page for more info.

Restrictions: Please keep all comments G-rated, or I may choose to delete them and you will not be entered in the contest. Any comments from spammers will be deleted. At this time, I can only ship the prizes within the U.S.

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